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Neck health ergonomics
Neck health ergonomics
Optimised ergonomic shape for orthopaedically ideal positioning and support of head and neck.
Comfortable memory effect
Comfortable memory effect
Premium high-density memory foam ensures perfect adaptation to the contours of the body.
Ideal sleeping climate
Ideal sleeping climate
Not too warm, not too cold, not too damp – thanks to breathable top materials and special puncturing.
Maximum hygiene
Maximum hygiene
The pillowcase is washable at 60°, suitable for tumble-drying and perfectly resistant to regular washing.

Why customers love the Neck pillow

Your orthopaedic neck pillow –
for a really relaxed neck

If you suffer from neck and back pain, modern neck pillows are the best choice for a relaxing sleep.

The health benefits of a neck support pillow depend mainly on its shape because it optimises your lying position. Experts consider the wave design to be the best pillow shape for a healthy supporting function. A wave-shaped contour helps you to naturally find a healthy and comfortable sleeping position. As well as the shape, however, the material is also of great importance, as it determines the supportive force along with the sleeping and lying comfort. Here, memory foam has especially proven its worth. Based on these findings, we have developed a particularly functional neck pillow with our E3 sleep technology that works in all sleeping positions - especially for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The top neck pillow with orthopaedic design and wave-shaped contour for the neck

The perfect wave design: our neck pillow has been specially designed with medical and orthopaedic experts. Using our craftsmanship and experience, we fine-tuned the shape to guarantee optimum ergonomics. The result is a perfected contour that enables orthopaedically correct positioning of the head, especially for back sleepers, as well as targeted support in the neck area that respects the S-shape of the spine: The upper cervical vertebrae are relieved, while the lower cervical spine is supported. In this natural posture, the muscles can relax effectively.

The comfortable neck pillow with adjustable height

A neck pillow can only work if the head and spine are not overstretched, as is usually the case with a classic pillow. Thus, as well as the shape, the height is also decisive for a healthy sleeping position. This is influenced by your sleeping position, your build and the stability of the laying surface. Basically, side sleepers need a higher pillow than back and stomach sleepers. The removable Visco foam layer allows you to adjust the height of the pillow to suit your needs. In addition, its special design offers a higher and a lower wave-shaped support so that you can find your ideal height at which your neck can relax.

The memory foam neck pillow for optimum pressure relief

Our high-performance memory foam is the perfect filling material for neck pillows, as it guarantees optimal pressure relief for the sensitive head and neck area. This highly adaptable material not only reacts to pressure, but also to your body heat, thanks to its thermoelastic properties. This makes the pillow incredibly soft as it cradles your neck and head at the crucial points, while supporting them in every position, thanks to its shape memory, as accurately as ever. The slow response of viscose means that your head can find complete rest.

The high-tech neck pillow for an ideal sleeping climate

An ideal sleeping experience requires more than a comfortable lying sensation and anatomically correct positioning of the neck. Your pillow is not perfect without a pleasant sleeping climate. To prevent heat build-up, as is often the case with inexpensive neck pillows made of memory foam, we have provided our breathable high-tech foam with climate-regulating punctuation for effective ventilation. This improves air circulation, heat regulation and moisture transport. Air is pressed out of the pillow with each of your natural movements.

The superb neck pillow with a breathable, functional pillowcase

What would our functional sleep products like our effective neck support pillow be without a premium quality functional pillowcase? The SEVEN SUNDAYS pillowcase is made of a particularly breathable blended fabric of cotton, polyester and elastane with several functions: improved sleeping climate, increased point elasticity, longer durability and reduced pilling. The 400 g/m² premium knitted fabric is made to measure by hand for a perfect fit without wrinkles – even with a reduced pillow height. The velvety soft cover is washable at 60° and dryable.

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The Swiss sleep manufacturer SEVEN SUNDAYS specialises in premium products for better sleep, which help you to recuperate optimally while you sleep and thus wake up feeling more energetic. With our modular Sleep Systems, we have reinvented the mattress. Our pillows offer the best support for your head and neck. And we continue to research and broaden our range of high-quality and valuable sleep products for you. You, too, can benefit from innovative sleep technology.