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Mind-relaxing bedtime rituals

Simply cosy - fall asleep more relaxed

Before going to bed, spray your pillow with 2-3 bursts. The delicate, naturally scented mist spreads evenly over the surface of the fabric and evaporates after a good half an hour; just enough to stimulate your sense of smell as you fall asleep.

Calm all your senses

We have developed our pillow spray for cosy bedtime rituals. It is not uncommon for an ever-revolving merry-go-round of thoughts to get in the way of falling asleep. Sleep rituals are a simple and effective way of telling your body and mind via the sense of smell to calm down and fall asleep.

The soothing effect of lavender - scientifically proven

The balancing effect of real lavender (Lavendula
Angustifolia) is traditionally used to help with inner restlessness, insomnia and anxiety, and the relaxing effect of this herbal remedy has been scientifically proven. We use only naturally pure essential oils of lavender, cedar wood and grapefruit.

Calm all your senses

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Quality made in Switzerland
Genuine craftsmanship from Switzerland The Swiss sleep manufacturer SEVEN SUNDAYS specialises in premium products for better sleep, which help you to recuperate optimally while you sleep and thus wake up feeling more energetic. With our modular mattresses, we have reinvented the mattress. Our pillows offer the best support for your head and neck. And we continue to research and broaden our range of high-quality and valuable sleep products for you.