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Neck health ergonomics
Neck health ergonomics
Optimised ergonomic shape for orthopaedically ideal positioning and support of head and neck.
Comfortable support effect
Comfortable support effect
Shredded latex made of natural rubber provides increased support and thus more a comfortable lying sensation.
Ideal sleeping climate
Ideal sleeping climate
Not too warm, not too cold, not too damp - thanks to a climate-regulating mix of natural materials.
Maximum hygiene
Maximum hygiene
The pillow, including the contents and pillowcase, can be washed at 60° and dried on a gentle setting.

Why customers love the Down pillow

Your orthopaedic down pillow –
for a sleeping sensation as if you’re in 7th heaven

Even though pillows made of memory foam are currently enjoying great popularity, many people still prefer the heavenly soft feeling of lying on down.

Down and feathers were the pillow filling par excellence in the last century. They are soft, supple and light. Down in particular, with its short quill, long feather branches, fine hairs and three-dimensional structure, was considered the ultimate due to its unsurpassed softness and warming properties. Thanks to its structure, down has a strong insulating effect, which means that body heat is not lost. Because it is so cuddly, it has an enormously snuggling effect. Its temperature-regulating properties ensure a pleasant sleeping climate. However, from an ergonomic point of view, a pure down pillow is not optimal. That is why we have developed an innovative down pillow with our E3 sleep technology, which combines the sleeping comfort of down with the orthopaedic advantages of our functional pillows.

3-chamber system with orthopaedic head zoning

With our down pillow, we have created a particularly soft functional pillow for all down lovers who have not been able to enjoy a healthy sleeping experience with a classic down pillow until now. When lying on the pillow, the down is normally displaced to the sides. At some point, the head only lies on the pillowcase, the neck bends and neck pain develops. At the same time, the excessive filling at the sides makes you feel as if you are enclosed. To achieve an orthopaedically correct positioning of the head, we have developed a special head zoning. A division into three vertically arranged chambers prevents material displacement to the sides, while the reduction of the filling quantity in the head zone prevents overstretching of the cervical spine.

Innovative material mix for increased support

Compared to firm support pillows made of foam, soft pillow fillings such as feathers and down have a significantly lower supportive force due to the nature of the material. And with down, due to its delicate nature, the supportive power is again significantly lower than with feathers which, with their longer quills and two-dimensional shape, are much harder and have a higher load-bearing capacity. The higher the proportion of down, the easier it is for the head to sink into the pillow. Healthy support of the sensitive neck area is not possible with pure down pillows. That is why we have added natural shredded latex to our pillow, which has various functional advantages: it increases the support for a more stable positioning of the head and neck, increases the weight, which benefits anyone who moves around a lot at night, and acts as a volume booster, so your pillow always feels as if it has just been fluffed up.

100 % natural filling for a natural sleeping climate

Your unique sleeping experience requires more than neck-friendly ergonomics and fluffily soft sleeping comfort. The sleeping climate must also be perfect. Our high-quality elastic down can have a warming effect in winter and a cooling effect in summer. In addition to this temperature-balancing effect, the breathable natural material also has very good moisture management. The combination with natural latex increases the advantages for an optimal sleeping climate: due to the excellent hygroscopic properties of the down, moisture is ideally absorbed and released again. Natural shredded rubber creates large-volume spaces for effective air circulation during movement. And since the sleeping climate is significantly influenced by hygiene, you can wash the entire pillow regularly at 60° and dry it on a gentle setting.

Hand-sewn breathable functional pillowcase

The special SEVEN SUNDAYS functional pillowcase is just as unique as the contents of the down pillow. The allergy-friendly special cover is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and meets the highest quality standards. A blend of cotton, polyester and elastane optimises the orthopaedic properties of the pillow. High-quality natural fibres ensure a balanced sleeping climate. The 400 g/m² premium class knitted fabric guarantees long durability - even with frequent washing. Because it is made to measure by hand, it fits your down pillow perfectly. And because the cover has such an exclusive quality and a velvety-soft texture for an incredibly cosy lying feeling, you don't need an additional pillowcase.

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